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RX8 and Childseats

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Hey Guys,


I know it's not your typical question but any of ye have childseats in your RX8's? I have to sell my TT as you cannot fit a fly in the back, the wee man is gettin bigger. I had an RX8 4 odd years ago but never paid attention to the back seats as I was free and single and too busy ripping it up. Any of ye have problems with car seats for your 8's? So so close to buying one. Cheers ;)  

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Jimmy, I've two child seats in the back. Kids are 2 and 3 years old. No problems with fitting the seats or removing/refitting when cleaning. Yeah suicide doors are great for saving the back hen getting the spawn in and out, not nearly as much reaching as typical coupes. There's heaps of space in the back, I've had 3 other adults in the 8 and not one joint was dislocated in the process of getting in or out.

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^^^ Yah

From about 3 years old on its time for the booster seats. My experience was the booster seats out of the wifes car did not fit in the rx8. They were to wide so i had to get the narrow fitting ones. Just keep that in mind when your buying them.


The coach doors do have their advantages but can be a pain if there are cars parked either side on a wet and windy day and you have inpatient passengers.

And i mean a pain :angry:  

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Hi Jimmy, 


I have a Maxi-Cosi Pearl and their FamilyFix Base without issues. The Pearl is actually pretty compact and fits nicely.

I'm about to go for a booster seat since the little man is growing fast, I've my eyes on BeSafe'sIzi up x3 and it's compatible with the 8.

We have a Britax evolva 1-2-3 plus in wife's car and it doesn't fit the 8.


Check compatibility on manufacturers' product pages before you buy.

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