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My rx8... mini project

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Well this could take a while as funds are at a low at the min so hopefully after xmas some noticable changes :) i picked this 8 up a couple of months ago of Frank on here, new engine only put in of February of this year so the engine was spot on! gearbox was very smooth, clutch fairly decent but release bearing sounds like it starting to make a noise! bodywork almost immaculate a couple of little niggly bits that most people wouldnt notice but i tend to be quite anal about( few stone chips, small rust bubble on driver side rear door) apart from that a very straight car so happy out! :-D so first off when i got the car 2012-06-29222056-1.jpg had 2 issues which bothered me when i got it the first was the alloys were peeling quite bad so decided to sand them down (which took quite a few hours of hardcore sanding!!) i wasnt big on the silver either so went with a matte black! Primed 2012-07-14194202-1.jpg after 3rd coat 2012-07-14200926-1.jpg the second was condesation(quite a bit) in the right hand side rear light :( so i took out the headlight, examined it quite carefully and also ran the small little pool around the edges to see if there was a leak in the seals. I couldnt find any leaks so left the headlight out in the sun for most of the day and just used a hairdryer to dry out the last remaining drops :) didnt take any before pics unfortunatley but here is an after 2012-09-03151500-1.jpg and a couple of pics with the finised wheels on after a quick wash and wax! 2012-09-14143902-1.jpg2012-09-14143923-1.jpg2012-09-03151034-2.jpg one with my mates 1jz altezza :)2012-09-14161116-1.jpg2012-09-14160801-1.jpg i also got a set of 30mm hub centric spacers for the rears to bring the wheels out with the arch before 2012-09-14151106-1.jpg after 2012-09-14151608-1.jpg as you can see not a HUGE difference but the wheels are pretty much inline with the arch now and i think it looks a lot better :) I was out with my mate one of the days he had a nice set of rims in his shed, unfortunatly they were sold but threw one on just to see how they look :) now the car was still raised a bit when it was put on because they stuck out just a little too much so the arches would have to be rolled 2012-09-14150854-1.jpg2012-09-14150846-1.jpg i like them but i done love them and with wheels i have to love them otherwise they wont be going on! :wink: Havn't got any pics but i also fitted a straight threw midpipe and i must say it gives it a very nice rasp not too loud (well i dont think its too loud i havn't heard it from the outside so im not sure lol) thats all i gots so far future plans as follows Nice wheels :) Arches rolled Lowering springs (coilovers if a wad of cash happens to fall into my path) im also in debate with myself whether or not to get the car wrapped a peculiar colour or possibly just get the bonnet and bootlid wrapped, would prefer a full wrap but again finances determine plans!! so ill keep you all updated as too what i get up to with her probably wont be much for the time being unless a few numbers come up in the lotto :? but im happy with how she is sitting at the min any opinions, comments or ideas what else i could try out welcome! :)

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I eventually got my brother to take some better pics of her, which im sure a lot of you have seen by now but sure ill throw them in anyway!!

Now bear in mind im a learn by doing type of lad and have literally no experience in bodywork so one of my mates was drafted in for advice and guidance but i think it turned out ok!   Now im having se

Then a few coats of lacquer and after they dried over night onto the car they went! Gave her a quick little clean   

Re: My rx8... mini project

im also in debate with myself whether or not to get the car wrapped a peculiar colour or possibly just get the bonnet and bootlid wrapped, would prefer a full wrap but again finances determine plans!!
I think a matte(ish) black wrap would go well with your wheels. aff61c9320d916ef092c4275fc3bd7c6.jpgdsc0155xl.jpg Not mad on the whole bonnet/boot wrap look myself.
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Re: My rx8... mini project well i might of bought new wheels :) got them cheap couple of dents in them and need a refurb will put pics up tomorrow of them before one of the lads takes on the task of straightening, refurbishing and painting them :) i need opinions on what colour to go?? options are matte black gunmetal grey gloss black bronze now the car is silver at the min but im most likely getting it wrapped matte( colour undecided also)

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Re: My rx8... mini project picked up the wheels earlier on today have to say they came out really well all the wheels are straight you would never know there was even buckles in them!! i also decided to go with the gloss black because i know over time the matte will fade and my mate only recently got bronze wheels so didnt want it to seem like i was copying him lol felt a bit guilty when i looked at the little lip on the edge of the wheels they must of been a real pain to get down into with the sandpaper but anywho here is how they turned out!! just got to get new tires and then they shall be thrown on :)2012-10-08154342.jpg2012-10-08154110.jpg2012-10-08154323.jpg2012-10-08154117.jpg only cost €200 to get done by AA alloy wheel repair that included straightening the buckles, stripping the paint, sanding down, priming, painting and laquer!! which i think is very VERY reasonable!!!

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Re: My rx8... mini project The finish on those wheels look fantastic. What a brilliant price. Is there any reason why they are significantly less i.e. are these guys using a different refurb method than performance alloys in ballymount who quoted me close to 500?? EDIT: Just noticed that you must have supplied the rims to them, meaning they do not need to take from car, refurb and then place again + balance? you saved there?

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Re: My rx8... mini project I cam send you on the number and you can ask what sort of price if you book in advance you can leave the car up there for the day and they would take them off do them and put them back on as far as im aware! Now the place doesn't look the best an the lads are real Dublin " Howaya s" but i can't argue wit their quality of work

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Re: My rx8... mini project Well small update, Eventually got tires for the new wheels have to say they really suit the car, will get up some pictures tomorrow hopefully! :) 225/35/19 MAXXIS on the front 235/35/19 Pirelli P ZERO on the rear I found the standard wheel nuts where a bit on the thick side for the stud holes so picked up a set of Rays slimline nuts :) also gave her a solid clean and changed the oil + oil filter on her today!( I thought the oil filter was gunna be a bitch to get at but got it off fair handy with my rachet, two extensions, a swivel socket and an oil filter socket lol ) next on the agenda Light tint on the rear lights + indicators new plugs new leads new coils

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Well i haven't updated this in quite some time, kinda fell out of love with my 8 for a while but the love was rekindled again recently  :D  not to much actual progress in her YET although certain parts are being ordered gradually 


I recently had the pleasure of meeting James(Podge) and Eoin and its safe to say i will never let anyone else do work on my car again, these two guys are absolute gentlemen and would literally bend over backwards to help a fellow rotor head out!!


I brought the car over the first time for a bit of maintenance first hand, i got new leads, plugs and coils, needed a gearbox and diff oil change too! i asked James would he mind if i hung around and watched just to see how these jobs are done in case i ever have to attempt them myself, the coils where abandoned as i got them on eBay and thought i would save money but on the wise advice of James i chose not to let him fit them, everything didn't go as smoothly as hoped as it seemed that Hercules himself had worked on this car last, meaning everything was over-tightened to the MAX!! so much so that the guys actually snapped a socket trying to open the diff nut!!


I had a squeaking in the rear driver wheel which i had a feeling was a seizing caliper, so next time i went over i got the rear pads done and a new caliper put on unfortunately the seizing caliper had ruined my brake disc so that had to go, next time i went over new brake discs and pads done, Eoin was also kind enough to do an engine oil change, fit a new exhaust bracket and drill two tiny holes in my rear light to let the water out!


here you may notice slightly uneven pad wear



All in all i cant praise these guys highly enough, two legends of the trade!!


So anyway the updates so far!


New NGK plugs

New NGK leads

New Brake pads front & rear

New Brake Discs front & rear

New rear driver-side caliper

Gearbox oil change

Engine oil change/oil filter

Two new Front tires


which doesn't sound like much but it still wasn't cheap! next on the list 


Sort out a little rust issue and a few paint imperfections 

Ignition coils

wing vents without strakes 

Front lip

side skirts

rear spats


after that i think a colour change might be in order!!


This also arrived the other day!  :rolleyes:  :rolleyes:



and this should be arriving this week at some stage, haven't seen any other 8s in the country with this spoiler but im sure there is


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