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Hi guys,


I have a 95 FD that I purchased back in the 2006/2007 period. The car is a black 1995 rx7 typeRB(special edition) don't ask about the special edition part because I'm not sure but this is marked on the door jam of car. The car is also on an Irish registration, I registered the car myself back in the day. Car is on 18inch rota gtrs which I bought new at the time (1300) When I bought the car it was UK registered but had been taken in from Japan previously. The car has been off the road since 2008 and had been in the garage up until late 2018 when garage space had to be prioritised. The car was running and driving when she was last parked up, although she had become a little harder to start at times when warm. The day I bought this car I had it brought to Eddie Doyle in Wicklow to get compression tested and readings were mid 8s. Car had done maybe 5-10k miles since that and before being parked up. I'm wondering if anyone could give me a rough estimate what it is worth as now is the time to let her go. I have toyed with the idea of fixing her up myself but i would rather someone else could do her justice now as I can't see myself getting around to it. Will get pictures up next time I'm back by the car.

Any help would be appreciated,





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