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2003 231 6speed rx8 with low mileage for sale. €1500 with nct but nct centers are not taking bookings at the moment so it has no nct so willing to let it go for €1300 without nct. if anybody is interested. This car starts cold on the first turn and hot on first turn both without any struggle.

There are no oil leaks and no rust on chassis. There is a few dents in the body from car doors hitting it. No paint damage other then clear coat coming off rear bumper around registration plate. This car has really low mileage because previous owner didnt know how to start it when a turn of the key didnt work. So I took it on board and aftsr a few days to a week of trial and error and process of elimination I fixed the problem with new wireinf to alternator and fuse/relay board. Turned and started first time after a few years of sitting in a shed. Reason for sale is I have no room to keep it and if I could I would take engine out and drop it in my own one I drive as a daily. A compression test will be done upon request from shadow rotary before sale.

If anyone has any more questions or wants to call me im based in dublin 5mins away from shadow rotary in citywest/tallaght area. 

This wont allow me to upload videos or images of the car so if you want any I can send on whatsapp or facebook. Both on request from genuine interest...

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