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GPS Booster aka Repeater

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Cut to chase, the front windshields, in general, could attenuate GPS signal, due to be laminated/ UV protectors. 
However, the back windshield won't, and that's the reason most OEM GPS antenna is located on the back shelf or even the best place on the roof. 

49819015278_c3a5607793_b.jpgkit by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr

So, I purchase this simple kit and put it to the test. I have to say I was surprised by the outcome. 
I located the kit receiver antenna on the factory mount plate on the back shelf, a car with a factory sat-nav equipped has it here. 
Note, the GPS antenna must be attached to the metal plate as its uses as an antenna to increase its efficiency.
Then, route wire from central console toward the front of the dash, where it connected to repeater antenna, and get ACC + from the USB socket.
Again mount the antenna on the metal bar of the dash. 

49819553611_98a7461ac7_z.jpgIMG_6841 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr

49819015308_1a0abe8449_z.jpgIMG_6842 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr

49819553571_e411ed6b34_z.jpgIMG_6843 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr

49819015288_9589918bd8_z.jpgbeforeaftergps by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr
Here you can see a comparison before and after. This method works for any GPS need in the car like my Nexus conversion as well as my phone.
Other options were like a USB antenna for Nexus or a Bluetooth GPS antenna. 

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Update :
My previous attempt to use the OEM bracket was a failure and after putting all wiring and fitting all panels it has a marginal boost.
So, I left with no other option to set a GPS booster antenna on the roof!
As I didn't want to put the whole on the roof and remove the headliner and so... I took a short cut and passed wire under rain gutter from front to back,
also in the gap of windshield seals.
Results amazing!

Finally put one of the generic "antenna shark fin dummy cover" over for a nicer look and some water protection, no need to say I opened GPS antenna and
put some silicone sealer.

ps, for the most accurate result GPS antenna, must be in the middle/center of the car mounted on the horizontal wide metal surface

IMG_1113 IMG_1114


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