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I bought a project rx8 from another member on here a few weeks ago, it's a 2004 UK import 231. It was non running but came with a 5 speed spares car :D


Once I got it home JP came over and we started pulling it apart, engine was badly flooded and the coils and plugs had seen better days!!

2018-01-28_12-05-58 2018-01-28_12-06-24 2018-01-28_12-05-43

So we swapped in new coils and plugs, tow started it and she ran!


Love the noise, the smell, everything about it (been driving various diesel cars for the last 8 years)


It needs a service but is otherwise in good condition :D

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Even though i'm not planning on using it until the summer it was taxed until the end of January so I figured I would bring it in for its nct, it failed on wheel alignment and a broken rear HID sensor bracket so I was very pleased with my new purchase (I didn't even have to clean it before I brough it in).

I tried Mazda for the bracket but they only sell the bracket and sensor as one item (€515+VAT) but the guys in sandyford Mazda were very helpful and gave me a print off to help me find the offending piece



This made it very easy to find and remove, luckily the break was clean enough so got it welded up, painted and back on...

2018-01-28_12-08-41 2018-01-28_12-09-09 2018-01-28_12-09-49 2018-01-28_12-10-16

Unfortunately the wheel alignment is out because the inner tie rod is bent at the thread where you adjust the outer rod :angry: so I couldn't get it retested before the tax ran out so I've declared it off the road until June which I'm hoping will be enough time to get the few bits together and get insurance sorted..

So I gave the two of them a quick wash and will hopefully have the main one back on the road for the summer

2018-02-04_10-11-23 2018-02-04_10-13-17



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Been a busy few weeks, I’ve been using it as my daily since the end of May so I had to replace the track rod end, pulled the one off the spares car and swapped it over – good as new :D

IMAG1564 IMAG1563 2018-05-13_06-58-27


Got some second hand OEM B-coils and magnecor leads from Shane Rabbit (thanks man), a K&N panel filter and serviced it.

IMAG1589 IMAG3195 IMAG3197

Read on here to replace the oil, go for a quick drive and replace again to flush out the oil in the oil coolers, glad I did because that was the first fill of fresh oil after only 10km!!


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After being sat up for a few months the battery wasn't holding charge, as it happens I had only just replaced the battery in my wifes jeep which was being scrapped so I pikeyed it... It was a little bit big so I cut one end of the battery tray and it was a snug fit B)

2018-05-13_06-59-56 IMAG3212


Then the exhaust split, rearmost section parted company with the backbox at the final joint due to rust so back under the spares car to swap them over. The spare is not in great shape but I should get a few months out of it...

IMAG1591 IMAG1592 IMAG1593

Needs some work underneath, which I'm hoping to get sorted in the next few weeks, but I'm booked in for the trackday at mazdafest so might see if I can source some goodies first and get the other sorted afterwards :P

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On 8/17/2018 at 1:07 PM, Colin said:

Trackday fever has well and truly set in, EBC yellowstuff pads ordered all round last minute :rolleyes:

Bedding them in yesterday and today, fluid replaced with dot 5.1 so no excuses tomorrow!!

Good Stuff Colin how did it go for yah, hoped you lapped jp and all the boys lol

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Haha, I did pass jp but he was having issues at the time! The car was great considering it is basically stock, my tyres were crap but I knew that going out..

I had a great day and thought I held my own until I got a few passenger laps in a stripped out, remapped rx8 with pz suspension and semi slick tyres - that thing was a rocket!!

Day wasn't without issues though, started it up for my second session and had no power steering, thankfully Jamie had it diagnosed and sorted in no time!! But after a few sessions back to back in the afternoon I let it cool down for a few minutes and made the mistake of turning it off, refused to start hot about 10 minutes later and has been difficult to start hot since (having been fine beforehand) :(

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More than likely you had a dirty connector to the ps module as it seems to be a common fault now.

Yes, seen those snaps on FB you are in full flight great snaps, did not cop it was your car. Also, if your in or around Sligo I would not mind giving it a compression test for a bit of craic to see can if it can shed light on your hot starts.:)

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Thank you, that's very generous. I only got the compression tested a few weeks ago and it was good but I have a standard cat which I've kept in place because I bring my 2 year old out in the car every weekend. Hopefully it wasn't enough to cause hassle over the course of one very spirited afternoon :unsure:

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No joy diagnosing the issue, swapped out the cat for a gutted one and the smoke / rough idle when cold starting is not as bad but not gone.

Swapped the leading and trailing coils too but to no avail. 

So I've pulled out the brake pads and panel filter and have put it up for sale. Hopefully I will be in another one before the end of the year...

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