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HI, Im new here and am going to buy an Rx8 I am going to buy one needing a rebuild as when its done I can be assured that I know whats under the bonnet. I also cant afford to start at the top end prices. Is a rebuild within the grasp of a fairly good diy mechanic. And how much does it cost for a professional rebuild and where in ireland can i get it done..

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Hi welcome to the forum Lurch:)

Build it once and do it right. Don't skimp and  For parts buy from Mazda  Rotary Parts if you plan on doing it yourself, for me I wount buy anywhere else.

Otherwise Shadow Rotary to get the right parts designed for the RX8  assembled correctly for your fresh rebuild.

Also budget about 3k for a rebuild to be safe, keep in mind its best to have a good ignition system on top of that which is about 400 notes. You could be looking at more or less than that it will depend on what parts is needed for the rebuild when stripped down.

Again Don't skimp and do your homework right otherwise you will end up been a very dissatisfied RX8 owner:)

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