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Annual Irish Rotary get together 2017

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9 hours ago, Panda said:

@warpc0il Dave your hospitality and generosity to over your land to a group of guys you've never met was beyond belief, you are an absolute gentleman and a hero in my eyes! I'd also like to personally thank you for all the effort you put in before the day, even to the point of going to the track to get photos + all the relevant information we needed and getting Donal on board!

I'm sorry to hear about all the guys that had issues on the day, it's always a shame to see, but keep the chins up guys the cars will be sorted in no time especially with a community like we have!

Until next time guys




While I'd like to take all the credit for this, it was SWMBO Pauline that did much of the running about and encouraged the home invasion!

We were left with a bit of tidying-up to do, with my gearbox and Buttercup waiting for her rescue in the carpark, but it was still the best weekend we've had in years and can't wait to do it again, even better next year.

Pauline says that she can't guarantee that the jar of Nutella that Nico left will survive until next time ;)

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