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Taking off the Exhaust

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So that was not to bad at all guys :).  

Jacked the car up with one jack at the back and another at the  front with 6 axle stands supporting it. So and of I went loosening away at the bolts. No cover on the lamba sensor so little less work there but it easily unplugs and did the nut. ;)

I have to say I was never really under the car as I worked from both sides as I was In and out up and down a bit getting different size sockets for the nuts. That took just about a hour and then came the dreaded exhaust holders with them rubbers.:(
:) So lucky enough Ray came when that was done and had a jimmy bar and what a difference that made to getting the rubbers off:). To be honest it took me a good bit of time to get the one on its own nearer the back box to get that rubber off. It was close to a hour to getting all the rubbers off because of this one rubber.:rolleyes:
So that's part one out of the way and hopefully the week end I may get a chance to put it on my grey rx8 B)

Anyway I will post a few snaps in a bit ;)

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Just a thought but, seeing as you're all about experimenting at the moment, why not buy something like this :


and see how you get on fitting it inside your cowls - it's not too dear (I'm sure you'll find it nearer to home - it's motorbike heat shield) and seems to be pretty malleable 

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Believe me I have used the wd40, I think the thing is to try and position yourself correctly and get the bar in a solid position to push the rubber of the car while you're lying down.:mellow:
Not having your feet planted on the ground doesn't help the cause I guess, hoping I am wiser now and with a bit of practice behind me already, I can be quicker next time lol

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Hi guys, thank god I have been fairly busy with work and didn't get to finishing this . I did try to finishing it of about 3 weeks ago but had trouble with one of the nuts so just left it. :rolleyes:
Any way finally got a day of today and got off the old exhaust .
The rubbers took a bit of time again but I knew what I was in for so I was fairly aggressive with them so it wasn't as long as the last time.B)

Good thing  was I found them really easy to hook back up. So really happy it's done and I'm still alive lol and the exhaust sounds really good.:D
So I can't throw up snaps on this laptop as its coming to the end of its road so I will with the phone real soon :)

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5 hours ago, jp said:

Good man Aido! The titanium-burnt tips look well against the grey! B) Now.... videos??? :D:D (With & without the baffles taken from the same distance if that's possible?? B))

Hey mate must get a vid up alright, I think you are so right the tips look really well against the grey thanks jpB)

5 hours ago, Rex Ruthor said:

Good job man ! My PZ backbox came today so I'll be going the same route shortly - cheers for the write up and tips 

Rex that's great new on the pz exhaustB)
I will say it's important to check your axle stands just before you go in under the car if your jacking up from both ends.:ph34r:

When your jacking up from both ends the axle stands loose there slots very easy. But if you are only jacking up from one side then it's less trouble. I jacked it up with 2 jacks at both ends of the car and then 8 axle stands supporting it but 2 were not in full contact with the car.

I got a exhaust kit from sohans as you know  thinking that the spring bolts would be included but they were not . I broke one today taking it off but lucky enough I had one from the other 8. All I'm saying is get everything new or make sure all bolts etc are 100% for trouble free fitting.;)

Also rex I got a old hedge trimmer  cutter and unscrewed it and used one of the handles of it to ooze out the rubber a bit from the holder. It was great and has a hook type shape to it and I was able to put in my jacking handle bar  in behind the rubber more easily to push the rubber of its holder:).
I will throw up a snap in a minute mate of my special tools haha.

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Lads, it's worth buying a few M10x40mm stainless steel bolts for the exhaust joint's, I know with my Toyosport, 2 of the original bolts loosened off and were lost. I couldn't get SS locknuts so I just used 2 SS nuts with spring washers. I also got a few M10X60mm SS bolts just in case I needed extra length, which I didn't need in the long run.

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23 hours ago, Kuro 078/500 said:

Sounds sweet. :) Aido, Looking forward to hear her running on the road.


That sounds like a good bit  of craic Peter, and we will have to get a few coffees in also mate:D

On 11/30/2016 at 10:59 PM, Rex Ruthor said:

I can't get it to play :(

That's a pity you can't hear it Rex, as I like to hear what people think (good or bad) .:)

The good man jp was saying it sounds a bit tinny for him which it does a bit .:)

So as he said I must try to get the baffles of at some stage to see how it sounds that way also, so hopefully you will hear the next video mate:)

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