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So there is a few bits happening soon with my 8.
Its in the body shop the last few days. Going to get all the panels and paint looking mint again.
My boot lid has seen better days so I'm tipping that into the dust bin. Lucky enough the boot lid on my Donor car is in near mint condition just for the bit on the deflector, so thats just been fitted on waiting to get this baby looking like it just came out of production line again:).





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Ive been trying to be good to the 8 so she had a oil change @897 mile then @1085 and then@1355 so the oil in the engine should be fairly clean now. So new, Michelin Pilot Super Sport, number plate

I would also like to say thanks to a few people from when I owned my first 8 as they have kept my rotary adventure alive. Before I joined this forum I contacted Eddie Doyle and he was great for a

so Carl sent me these earlier

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So just got the car back, pics are not great because of the sun. Happy enough how it turned out but the fitment of the kit was good but not perfect as I  had first thought. Pwhite strakes and v crest look really well after all the scrubbing I done on them lol, thanks Peter. Still bits to be done and improved next up will be coilovers and new wheels in the coming weeks :)IMG_20190404_191521.thumb.jpg.6862214c20874e4277d413dd1d774952.jpgIMG_20190404_191709.thumb.jpg.73f546376516614ae6d90bcd57b8dbbf.jpgIMG_20190404_192654.thumb.jpg.0909dd5300518eac772af0cf23210346.jpgIMG_20190404_200633.thumb.jpg.c955449c0767f9278c99a571e1e194a0.jpgIMG_20190404_200738.thumb.jpg.88838f3423a5cbfad6bd5aeeb19c12d4.jpg

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Hi jp, TBH the other coilovers were more suited for track,but the seller decided he would not make me a ware of this who is RRP.  :angry:
These are more kinder for ride comfort is what I was looking for so happier days now:)

I would also like to say I informed the guy who bought the Meisters of me they were the stiffer spring who was happy with this:)

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