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So i have been a member here a few years now so its well time for me to put a bit of a thread together. I though it might be an idea to talk a little about my old RX8.

I bought it as a 4 year old with 33,000 miles on the clock, had it for 3 years and 30,000 miles and in that time i have to say the experience was very positive. The hum of the rotary the second glances at the car and it was also nice to be driving something really differentB)  It never let me down only for having to change a failing wheel bearing. €371 for my last year for insurance, changed the ignition pack myself, and plugs another time with regular oil changes, and got shadow rotary to give it a full check in all that time. Not bad aye, well accept for the dam thirst it has for petrol right haha. In 2013 i brought it to the first Rotary summer meeting and to my great  surprise it got first place for the best kept RX8. I was well pleased as you all can well believe the quality of RX8s that was there was awesome:wub:.

Sadly the new owner of my old 8 it informed me its engine gave up at 71,000 miles, but it will be back on the road.

Anyway i haven't got a second rotary yet but i hope i will have all the information soon :)

But i will leave this snap of her. She's gone but not forgotten:)


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Ive been trying to be good to the 8 so she had a oil change @897 mile then @1085 and then@1355 so the oil in the engine should be fairly clean now. So new, Michelin Pilot Super Sport, number plate

I would also like to say thanks to a few people from when I owned my first 8 as they have kept my rotary adventure alive. Before I joined this forum I contacted Eddie Doyle and he was great for a

so Carl sent me these earlier

Posted Images

She was one helluva beaut. A credit to you aido.

It's funny... you look at other cars etc. on donedeal and autotrader , and they get sold without batting an eyelid, only to be replaced with another generic car that you'd struggle to pick out in a car park, and the main selling point is it's reverse sensors.


Then you have rx owners. Proud of their choice, energized by the sound, the feel, the beat of the car. And have to bare such pain and loss if it comes to selling.

It's great to have people in the community that are rotary driven at heart, whether they have been, or will be once more the proud owner.

Looking forward to seeing the new brap aido ;)

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Ritchie, thanks man for that and also I could not agree more with yah.:) Also it was really hard to see her go but i just had not got the cash :(

Sean, also thanks, i kept out of the sunlight any chance i go,t even pushed it round the house into a shaded area if i thought the sun was a bit strong.

And of course every Sunday shampoo and wax to try and keep it mint. 

Happy times them and soon i will be back to one meal a day instead of three trying to keep the next rotary on the road lol

One more snap and I will update soon ;) 


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Well after having to sell my red Rx8 back in January  2014 because of a 50% pay cut and with no other jobs going in my occupation sadly  it just had to be done.

So after a while I picked up a bit of a job in the end and as time started to move on I noticed that I had stopped dipping in to my savings. This of course been down to the new job and now driving a diesel focus and not the rex lol. So after about 7-8 months my finances seem to have come under control again and my confidence into looking into another rotary grew. I had planned from the day I sold the 8 that if I got a chance again I would buy another. But as time went buy I started to get an urge for a white FD. So things got held up with this urge . After much thought and research I picked the phone up and tried to buy a 7 in Cork but it had just been Sold. A few months later it turned up in Donegal for sale. I went to see it and as I had not been in a 7 before I have to say I was disappointed. The thing was I was madly in love with the car and tried to convince myself that the rx7 would be ok for me and that I would work around it for my needs.

So after doing a bit of searching on here I noticed that JP( Moderator) had both a rx8 and rx7. So he offered me his number and was really of great help and eventually got me to come back to earth and give in that the rx7 was not for me. Can I just say that JP is brilliant and spent maybe a few hours on the phone in total with me and I am so great full to him.  Big thanks to the good man JP.:)

So then I moved on to Carl Hayward and asked him about sourcing me an early 08 white or blue R3 with a dead engine. He told me it could take some time but please don't go for one as the porting doesn't suit their engines as they run to hot . So I  didn't care too much because i could toss a coin for either a S1 or S2 to be honest.  I would also like to thank the good man Berniec  as he has also been brilliant for advice. I asked him bits about Hayward's as I seen in old posts he knew Carl pretty well. And also other bits I asked down through the time I have been on this forum.:)

So I contacted Carl at the end of August and posted him money on September 4th. So he has been on the lookout for a rx8 S1. He texed me Sunday night so I rang him Monday morning and he told me he acquired a red 231 with black n red leather with sunroof n sat nav 05 with a good body and a dead engine. He will be putting one of his tertiary engine's better known as a half bridge in it and i also asked him to do other jobs and one or two more little mods so I'm glad the chase is over yeahh!!

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Glad to hear you got sorted with a new RX Aido.

From the photo's that was one super clean example you had.

Have to agree with you about the support from various members here, yourself included. As a complete novice to these cars I've found everyone here very helpful and there's great encouragement from other owners.

I'm still waiting to get mine back, Anthony was expecting the rebuild kit in this week so hopefully not too much longer. It's been a long haul but it will be worth it when she's back up and running.

I have to say even though my car has suffered a clutch failure and engine melt down, I wouldn't consider anything else to replace it, it's just such a fun car to drive. I would have never looked at one when they were in production as I'd have considered it out of my price range back then.

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Jp there has been a little change in plan. I told Carl I would not be able to pick it up till the end of January but I had intended going on holidays so we are going to kill two birds with the one stone and bring the kids to legoland and pick up the 8 . Only thing is legoland does not open till mid March . So I don't want to contact Carl yet until I know a fixed date and then I will ask him to email me a few pictures.;)

Kuro thanks man, do let us know when you get it back man. There has been great reports about shadow's rebuild's. The guys on here are great, and yah these cars are so different with the rotary engine that they make the pistons BOREING  lol

Sean I kept in wraps a bit all right as I wanted to know more rather than bugger all before I posted here. Yah the 8 is no doubt more comfortable and more space for a family of four, the 7 really feels like a track car and man what a car, love the way the second turbo cuts in but for me only 5 foot 10 of average build I could not feel any comfort in it.  Also Carl has a great rep and we were having a bit of a chat and he said he can't understand why some builders offer  budget rebuilds at 1250, 1500 etc as there not going to last long and just give themselves and the rotary a bad name. He just has the one price for a rebuild so it will be rock solid. It better haha.

But people that do buy these budget rebuilds should know there is a good chance they won't last, but to be fair that's their business and if they're happy that's what matters I guess:mellow:

Ritchie lol thanks man, yah and I'm hoping that to, with  yourself and I posting here about getting porting done with a rebuild it might let people see that these can be a more exciting car and can be a reliable option costing only a few hundred extra on top of their rebuild. And of course who would say no to a bit more grunt .:D

Oh one more thing I had asked Carl for a 06-07 so there is a slight chance in the time remaining that the car and colour could change.  But that 05 is 99% mine for now. He has an engine stored away for me and he said he needs a full weeks' notice before I go to pick up the car. Hope it's not too much longer before I know when.:)

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Yeh im only 5'7 and i feel cramped lol, but yeah its a stupid car , my heater matrix is broke so its VERY uncomfortable, i wouldnt like it for an everyday car, I love my 8 as a daily drive, such a comfy car and decent power, and quite practical, your right taking it to carl, buy right buy once , he rebuilt my 7 5 years ago, and its compression results are still in the mid 8's, the engine feels very strong, in a few years when the 8 goes ill be going down your route :)

Also carl sticks a serious warranty on his engines so you have piece of mind 

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Be god Sean they are impressive figures man credit to you and Carl :)  The Warranty, 30 months or 30,000 miles whatever comes first is great . Also when I have the car run in I will be happy to give yah a spin. I do be in Dublin the odd time so it would be great to meet another rotor nut and I will need a comp test, so members discount man haha. ;);)

Carl was a easy option for me really from hearing all the stories about how he perfected the port for the 8 and all the other rebuilders ringing him up looking for advise on it and now quite a few are running full bridge ports to good success. I read somewhere that he stripped  down one of his own full bridge ported engines with 30,000 miles on it, and it was still in good condition a few years ago. Loads of stories about Carl,  like how he is or was building a rotary 1900cc or there about. He is some guy and he would have to be one of the top builders in the world maybe. Also I know sterling is crap at the mo but if the euro was about the same Hayward's price would be about the same as the top guys in Ireland so he is also really good value for money I think.:o

I'd like to say I always wanted to see Carl's shop, and meet him and buy one of his cars. But at the same time if Carl was not a option I would like the guys in Shadow or some of the top guys in Ireland as there is nothing but good things said about them, and that Eoin guy is a gentleman :)

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34 minutes ago, Aido 8 said:

Little update just now. Carl just told me he sold my red 05 rx8.lol

So i have to wait another while to know what colour year and miles.:rolleyes:

Just hope this waiting does not go beyond March.:lol:

Ahhh well might as well laugh about it, it will workout alright in the end:)

Ya know what they say aido.. "Good things and all that :D

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Are you still looking around yourself for one?

If so, have you seen this not far from you: https://www.donedeal.ie/cars-for-sale/mazda-rx8/11130350 With the change from whatever VRT + the car will cost you from Carl + the exchange rate you might even be able to whip the engine out of this & get some bits done to it if that's what you're after. :) Just a thought... (Plus you'd have one of the coolest reg-plates around! :DB))

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