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  1. I came across the following while doing a clear out as they've been sitting on my shelves for some time: Nexus 7 tablet install ready for installation (Android tablet installed in the satnav housing) €200 Set of rx8 floor mats with minimal wear that'll i'll throw in as well What's included is the following: Nexus 7 fitted to satnav hood with motor from previous satnav Auxmod Various cables for charging/ stereo connection etc. Magnet for screen on/off You'll need an OBDII connector and USB cigarette lighter charger, some wire and minimal wiri
  2. Hi JP, it was a series 1. Compression was just about acceptable last time I had it compression tested. Can dig out a scan from somewhere probably if interested.
  3. So unfortunately my 09 rx8 was written off as a cat C by the insurance and while it was relatively straight forward to fix I decided to move onwards. In that line if anyone wants an 09 rx8 with about 70k miles it would be in a breakers in the north called JM Salvage, it's a NI reg and could be had for around £700. Repairs needed where front wing, bonnet, front bumper, one headlight, air box and hose, otherwise no damage. There are also a set of D585 coils on it that have done about 6k miles which I didn't get a chance to remove first if anyone wants to try get their hands on those too. Before
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