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  1. Cool stuff man welcome along
  2. Never lol you guys just reminded me I still have to throw these on
  3. As jp said its a none runner utter nonsense, hi powered starter is only thing will help it a long but your better to get the rebuild sooner rather than later as said above
  4. Yup was my first thought thank god you got it fixed, Glad your sorted good man jp
  5. Well then I would have to agree. You will just to have to get under there and have a good look around and see. Could have damaged wiring also. Just ring Anthony grumley or Alan Woods as they might be able to do a call out.
  6. Hope Im wrong, but Have you considered it could be stationary gear bearing failure, if it is it would be wise to not use it as it will cause maximum damage to your engine, think @Chazz had this. And @RichieDC http://rotaryrevs.com/garage/help/rotary-engine-information/stationary-gear-bearing-failure/
  7. Just my opinion but if it were me and I was sure the ignition system (especially coils) was in good shape a compression test would be my next test
  8. Its Possible if you pm @lukejflynn he may know
  9. Hi , contact Shadow Rotary or Rotor sport as they may help, click link below in
  10. Aido 8


    These cars are old now so if your confident its not wheel alignment good bet could be something is worn out in your suspension or maybe your steering. Something giving somewhere there, good luck do keep us posted
  11. Never heard anything about his builds either but I would not have the confidence in dealing with him again thats what im saying lol I would like one of those engines if you get what Im saying. How is Paul did he get the FB done yet??
  12. Ian throw up the add asap, its possible money will get tight in the very near future, all cars could fall in price
  13. Yes well aware of what he does and he sells himself well, have to give him that but I dont think he is stand up guy like Clive from MRP or the likes of RR just to name a few. Would like to threat myself and buy one of his FB engines but I have no confidence in him if something goes wrong, But for now im happy with the Hayward stage 2 port built by Carl Hayward,
  14. lol thats cool man, do throw up some pics of the car when you get it
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