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  1. Hi there, check out this thread with international sellers of rotary parts etc as a good place to start: Also worth asking on the IrishRotary Facebook group as there are a good few people on there that aren't on here. Hope that helps!
  2. So I've been asked this question a few times & each time I've had to go digging through old photos to find the following info so I'm finally posting up here in case I or anyone else needs it in the future. Hope it's useful to ye! IMPORTANT NOTE: As with everything you read on the internet, please bear in mind I've gathered this info from various other sources which I can't remember/reference now in 2020 as I took this photo & did the research back in 2017, but that they seemed reputable/reliable at the time. I haven't flow-tested any of these. This info is posted in good faith th
  3. I'm sure you've since been sorted, but I believe they're integrated into the bottle & can't be replaced (or at least I've never heard of anyone successfully replacing just the sensor) - more often than not people have to replace the entire tank. You can buy them new online or chance a breakers (ideally if you can see the car running with it working though). Hope that helps!
  4. jp


    Not familiar with the car but welcome to IrishRotary! The Facebook page is a little more active at the moment as you've probably already gathered. Best of luck with it!
  5. Never heard of it & frankly, there's no "cure" for low compression other than a rebuild if it's from wear & tear. If you do it sooner rather than later you might get away without having to replace housings etc. & just get them machined.
  6. jp

    Rx7 housings

    I've got a single FD housing from my old engine that's in good usable condition - let me know if you're still looking.
  7. Any pics of the rest of it, spec, when it was exported, etc? Don't recognise it off the top of my head.
  8. A chap tried to get a VRT quote on a blue 13K Miles FD, think it was a 02 about a year ago but wasn't a Spirit-R from memory - think they tried to charge him 30K VRT!! Crazy Revenue.... VRT on most FDs is about 3.5K to 5K but most folks appeal after they pay as that's mental money to be paying on an 18-year-old sports car. That doesn't answer your question directly but hopefully helps give you an idea what kinds of conversations you're facing with Revenue
  9. Ailsbury Road in Dublin? That top pic has so much awesome in one shot!
  10. Hi everyone, this post is to raise awareness of potentially damaging "fake" NGK spark plugs for sale on eBay for the RX8 (RE7C & RE9B) - the hope is that this helps others to avoid getting stung with non-genuine plugs that due to their design, could be potentially damaging to your engine if they fail prematurely. It seems there are some non-genuine/badly manufactured "NGKs" out there: see attached pics of new "genuine" (allegedly) NGK plugs (shown in groups of 4) versus the used genuine NGK plugs or the pics of the pair of new plugs which again are genuine (bo
  11. Try Campion & also try Autoline up North.
  12. Worth asking on the FB page too! If you're ever up in Dublin (once my new engine is swapped in) I'll bring you for a spin. Beware: it won't be anything close to a standard FD driving-wise but interior-wise it will be!
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