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  1. Hi Steven, I only just saw this. Ok, thanks. I will give you a call asap. Thanks. John
  2. Hello Steven, Welcome to the site. Would you also offer quotes for more modern Mazdas? Mine is a 2008 RX-8. 4 years NCB. Age 35. Airline pilot. No penalty point. I had a Series 1 RX8 and just bought a Series 2 and my brokers just quoted me 930 Euros when previously it was 630 (as a named driver). Regards, John.
  3. Hi Chazz, Sorry about that. I've just sent you another PM now. Let me know if you get it. Regards, John.
  4. Hi Chazz, I sent you a PM regarding Kayaking. Regards, John.
  5. Hi Chazz, Yes that is indeed of great use to me. Thanks ever so much- seems like a very nice solution! The Kayak I am planning to put on the roof is quite large- a 16ft two seater (Perception Horizon). I believe that the car is 14.5ft long so there would be some overhang. Is there much in the way of road noise due the the straps passing inside the car can I ask? Regarding tying it down; As far as I know the car only has one screw-in towing eye so if I used that on the front for example then I would have nothing for the back(?) So did you have to go out and buy a second towing
  6. Hello all, Would anyone be kind enough to let me know where I might be able to get a roof rack for a 2003 Mazda RX-8? I've found a few online but they appear to be mostly from the USA. I was hoping someone here or in the UK might stock them as I need it by May the 9th (Going Kayaking on the Shannon and need to transport the kayak). Thanks in advance, John.
  7. Re: cheap rx8 Hi Cliffo, How many miles/km's in total has the car done? Regards, John.
  8. Re: RX-8 Torque Sensor (steering) needed. Any ideas? Thanks Nuggy, much appreciated. That's a very helpful thread. Regards, John.
  9. Hello there, First Post here. I have a Japanese import '03 RX8 (High power model). It has recently developed steering problems with the Electric Power Steering (EPS) namely light 'juddering' at low speed when turning the wheel left and right. My local garage man hooked it up to his diagnostic computer which revealed that the Torque Sensor is faulty. I have learned that this can sometimes be caused by water from the coolant overflow pipe damaging the 'intermediate' connectors which run from the torque sensor itself back up to the EPS unit- I have performed a continuity test between these tw
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