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  1. What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    That is beautiful will u have it at 7's day this year?
  2. Respray Black or relacquer??

    The white cloudy parts in the bonnet is damage to the resin itself relacquering the bonnet will not hide this
  3. Limerick Newbie

    Hi and welcome... What part of limerick u in? There's a few of us around we should all meet up some day at cars and coffee.
  4. Respray Black or relacquer??

    I think your best bet is to spray it black
  5. 04 231bhp 6 speed non runner for sale

    Where the car might know someone who interested
  6. I'm not sure if I will be able to leave that early but if I can I'll let ye know I'm longing to drive one of my cars now we'll see
  7. What time you leaving at I'm heading as well but not bringing my FD
  8. Nenagh is just a bad so don't waste your time
  9. Was is Leonard's that you went to? Pack of useless bastards they haven't a clue in there
  10. Newbie from LK

    No that's eoin in the yellow rx7 he is ninja on here
  11. Newbie from LK

    No I have a rx7
  12. Newbie from LK

    I think I seen u this evening on the dual carriage way by southill there about half 6 7 insh? i was on the other side though