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  1. Sorry mate, I am not getting notifications by default on here. Just saw your reply now. I'm no longer in Ireland so meeting up will be difficult. :). Moved back to Oz in 2013 took the FD with me. Shame because this was on Yahoo! Auctions recently. http://page3.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/c565910355 Sold cheap too! I have been looking for 1 because the little tabs on the rear of my Momo wheel horn broke off and I'm a perfectionist lol..
  2. Willing to sell red carpet separate? Got a price in mind? Any photos of the carpet? Stains / damage etc..?
  3. I'm also interested pending price and condition. Can you post photos? Are they damaged in anyway? Cracks / Chips?
  4. What wheels do you have to swap? I can sometimes find these MOMO wheels. They were available on Version 4 FD3S. Usually on the higher spec Type RS models.
  5. There is probably less than 30 good FDs in Ireland. Of that limiting yourself to black is going to limit you down to maybe 3-4 cars at a guess. Of those I don't know how many would be considered good... Best bet is to buy the best car you can and then build it the way you want it. Interiors are easy to change compared to fixing bad body work or rebuilding a motor...
  6. Still got this cluster..not in a rush to sell it.
  7. If anyone is disappointed they missed out, I might be able to source a Blue Mazdaspeed Cluster but it would cost 1200 euro. Example below. These are SUPER RARE! The regular white version goes for $1000 + on Yahoo! Auctions. I never EVER see a blue 1 listed for sale. If you're interested send me a PM.
  8. Hi guys, A while back someone asked me if I sell my 99 spec cluster to let them know (might have been MCON??) But I can't find that conversation in my PMs etc.. so I decided to post this up here as it has been sitting under my workbench for ages and I don't think I'll use it in my FD at the moment. Going from memory it has about 100,000 km's on the clock. Everyone should know what these looks like, they have a different typeface to the earlier units, a boost gauge, green lit backing and the tach starts at 6 o'clock which is probably what I like most about them. Photos below for ex
  9. The Euro/UK/AU spec cars came with headlight washers, sunroof, cruise control etc.. So given that so few of these models were produced (compared to JDM spec) it will be harder to find. The console on mine has a demister switch and I added a fog light switch. The other spaces at rear of console were for the pre-cat heat light and factory fitted anti-theft / security button. In Japanese markets they are just the coin slots in the rear of the console. There is also blanking plates that go into these slots and if you want you could fit an aftermarket switch and drill a hole in the blanking plate.
  10. FD parts are expensive, buy the best example you can and work from there. If you buy a shit heap you'll have to correct all the shit some previous 'expert' has done. Trust me, always buy the 1 that hasn't been messed about with. The problem with modified ones is that going single turbo 'correctly' is expensive and lots of builds has skimped on important mods. I bought my FD as a relatively stock example, it's been reliable and a good car. I've spent good money fixing little things and I'm happy with it. I've seen some absolutely abominations I wouldn't touch with a stick. The engine is just 1
  11. Yes it is the same as the SP cluster. The SP were Mazda approved modified Rx7s done by a Sydney workshop. But they started as AU market cars. They were RZ FDs on steroids really. Really stuck it to the Porsches of the time he he.
  12. I don't have many updates at this stage, but after a long hiatus of not buying stuff for the FD (due to the other aforementioned project) I splurged a little and got this unique cluster. It's an OEM Mazda Speed-o-meter, not an aftermarket unit. These were fitted to AU models and possibly Canadian and some Euro market cars. However as you're probably all too aware that was only a handful of cars. Which makes it quite rare. Best part is it cost me about $130 AU not silly money like the Mazdaspeed, Knightsport, FEED, RE-Amemiya units are. The tach needle fell off in transit so I still have to
  13. I just saw this episode and wanted to slap them for the snake skin stuff. I ranted about it on FDrx7.com already. http://www.fdrx7.com/forum/showthread.php?p=144636 Seeing a silver FD over that side of the world reminded me of my own experience looking for and buying my FD in Ireland. I did get a bit nostalgic, but myself and the FD are much happier over in Oz now. It did remind me that finding good ones is getting harder now. Not impossible but difficult. @Cliffo - told you, you'd miss the FD . Oh well. Get another mate haha. I met the new owner of your FD he seemed luke warm on it, as in
  14. I wanted the red badge also, but like Kenster said "How much now?" - they are pretty expensive from Mazda. Problem is that's the fixed price so finding it cheaper is difficult. I went cheap and bought second hand badges, but unfortunately not the red ones. You could always paint your existing white badge center to be red. Just be careful masking off the chrome part . A bit of sanding, wax / grease remover and spray can red + clear should look good. Will only cost you a few bucks from Halfords too!
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