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  1. Sure, can organise something in the new year
  2. It probably was. Sorry, didn't notice a wave, not paying enough attention. The RB exhaust sounds good, not too loud for daily driving. Car desperately needs a clean.
  3. Much appreciated, though you might regret it as i might hit you up at some point for help :)
  4. More than likely me, it's been my daily driver for nearly 10 years and that would be my work route. I'm living on the strand hill road.
  5. I'm only back in Sligo a few years but permanent now i think. Tough decision to sell but still under consideration. Might be easier to store it but even that has it's own pitfalls. I'll have to have a good think.
  6. Hi all, Long time forum user but infrequent poster. Considering selling up my 8, posting to gauge interest. 2004 Silver RX8 Approx 174000km on the clock. Engine replaced by Mazda on purchase with 2007 model engine (R3 model) around 2011. Engine rebuilt and ported after bearing failure by shadow rotary less than 2 years ago. Regular oil changes (~6000km) with millers oil. Car to come with 20 liters spare and filters. Hi-flow cat (milltek) and racing beat catback installed in the last month, as new! (changed plugs, coils and leads at the same time) Racing beat
  7. Thanks for that, turns out my engine might be junked anyway (balls), awaiting a compression test but might get back to you.
  8. Looking for a used or new cat back. Mine rusted up and finally gave up. Be happy if someone could even point me towards a new pattern part as all I can find are expensive aftermarket ones
  9. I gave mazda a call regarding the recall but my car has no recalls outstanding. Thanks for the advice though, much appreciated.
  10. Anyone know of a good rotary mechanic in Sligo? There is an ex-Mazda dealership here but they're always very busy. Heard there was someone in Collooney rebuilding engines so hopefully someone knows who this is. Oil lines on my car are leaking badly and looking for someone to replace.
  11. I bought one of these for my 04 RX8. Its overkill but i feel that is no bad thing. Extremely well built, twice the size of the original but a good fit. Very fast spin up, starts engine instantly.
  12. Re: Steering rack lower joint Seems like a problematic part so i'd prefer to get a new one.
  13. Anyone know where i might get a lower steering joint other than going to mazda? Can only find the LHD one available from a few american sites and its not suitable for a RHD 8. Help appreciated
  14. Re: Front shocks replaced, sitting a lot higher now... I didn't fit the shocks myself but there was no difference in height from stock on mine. I assume you got the same shocks as me, KYB's. Did you replace all the shocks or just the fronts?
  15. Re: Suspension imbalance Just so you know, my fronts failed the test with the rear passing but not by much. Despite the rear passing, they still test the entire suspension on a retest.
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