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  1. Hello ladies and gentlemens I'm Amadeusz (Polish) A bit late introduction from myself but I thought would be nice to do it and get to know few folks around. So it's my first rx8 had a plenty of read on those bad boys, but still thought it be worth it getting one, So got my 8 around 5 months ago, it's from 2006(got some pictures of the day of buying) so she got 60k miles on her, I'm second owner of her, the previous guy had her for over 12 years always serviced at mazda on time, bit of rust as usually but no cold or hot start issues always premixed, so basically for past
  2. Hi guys looking for an exhaust for an rx8 2006, lost my muffler on the way home as the rust got it badly soo be looking for another one, if anyone got any for sale or any recommendations for a new one and not bank breaking, cheers
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