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  1. @Aido 8 yes its Alan, I'm hearing good things about these guys so don't think I can go too far wrong. I even got a tour of the garage and a few of his own cars that he has restored. Quality work! I spent about an hour talking before viewing the car lol
  2. Perfect, cheers again. Looks like I'm going tomorrow to pick this car up then! Looking forward to it
  3. Appreciate that, cheers. When the plugs were out he said they weren't bad but he is replacing them with new ones for when it sells. How much 2 stroke do you put in per tank of fuel if you don't mind me asking? And is super unleaded recommended? Thanks
  4. Yes they were normalised to 250rpm. No not huge miles but certainly want it to be drove hard from time to time. The guy is a nice fella and gauging from his garage and reputation he is telling me those numbers are fine and good for another 25k as long as looked after. Thanks for that reply you have eased my mind slightly and it's not bad money at £1250 I'm thinking if it lasted for a while.
  5. Firstly I hope to be posting alot more in the next while as I am (and have been) on the lookout for an rx8 for a while. I went and viewed one today and is ticking all of the boxes visually and money wise. The reason I'm not searching is I need a quick answer before going and picking this up (possibly) The guys who owns it has his own garage (works exclusively with rotary) and done a compression test as I was there. My head's telling me the numbers are far too low but some advice would be great as I'm a novice. 06 with 74k, original engine, original start, no cold or hot start issues
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