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  1. Update : My previous attempt to use the OEM bracket was a failure and after putting all wiring and fitting all panels it has a marginal boost. So, I left with no other option to set a GPS booster antenna on the roof! As I didn't want to put the whole on the roof and remove the headliner and so... I took a short cut and passed wire under rain gutter from front to back, also in the gap of windshield seals. Results amazing! Finally put one of the generic "antenna shark fin dummy cover" over for a nicer look and some water protection, no need to say I opened GPS antenna and put some silic
  2. PCV upgrade from inactive to active aka post 06 model. Method A : You need to source vacuum chamber/ oil filler neck and Y pipes from other engine. On Left is per 06 models which only have one house concoction to throttlebody accordion elbow and on Right post 06 which have active air circulation, taking MAF ed fresh air from accordion elbow and exhausted it through filler neck port to acc port/ primary port vacuum nipples. https://cimg8.ibsrv.net/gimg/www.rx8...d813c7c89b.jpg Left per 06 and right post 06 https://cimg9.ibsrv.net/gimg/www.rx8...c81f9f4621.jpg Filler neck id is wa
  3. How to remove mirror. Some future ideas for others.
  4. Cut to chase, the front windshields, in general, could attenuate GPS signal, due to be laminated/ UV protectors. However, the back windshield won't, and that's the reason most OEM GPS antenna is located on the back shelf or even the best place on the roof. kit by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr So, I purchase this simple kit and put it to the test. I have to say I was surprised by the outcome. I located the kit receiver antenna on the factory mount plate on the back shelf, a car with a factory sat-nav equipped has it here. Note, the GPS antenna must be attached to the metal pla
  5. Pins dia IMG_6834 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr Second obdii female socket IMG_7013 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr IMG_7012 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr IMG_7014 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr Final view IMG_7025 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr IMG_7027 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr
  6. Mirror element back planing IMG_6815 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr IMG_6803 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr Pins IG GND REV 0+ 0- IMG_6805 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr Shaved mirror element IMG_6821 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr IMG_6824 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr IMG_6825 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr Housing mating and fitting, as dentist I had stable hands with shaft 3mm IMG_6822 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr No filler used, only epoxy glue IMG_6823 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr IMG_6829 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr Gauge control
  7. Gntx187 ball mount is 0.25mm smaller IMG_6817 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr Inside of middle joint pipe is a strong spring IMG_6818 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr How to compress spring IMG_6819 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr IMG_6820 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr
  8. IMG_6788 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr Gentex 187 this one is ebay buy from Nissan Murano On the bottom Donnelly 240 the rx8 oem mirror, note the mount difference. IMG_6793 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr
  9. Final product, main display sets to engine coolant temp, bottom left battery volt, bottom right MAF, bottom most MPEG and top most shift light. Back lights set to Red theme. Gauge it self has auto adjust light control.
  10. Factory mirror is very basic and I was bout putting gauges in it, at begging I shaved the bezel and change it to frames extra slim. However, I wasn't satisfy as I was about altering everything and, a decent auto dim mirror is as low as 10-15 Euro. I chose Gentex 187 for few reasons, it has good ball joint size for retro fitting, it has classic mirror coats in the back unlike others which are sandwiched silver between glass, whereas, classic mirror coats means, silver layer on back of glass, covered by copper layer, one layer of iron paint and final Gray paint cover So, I j
  11. Final teaser IMG_6742 by Hans Delgosha, on Flickr
  12. Since my personal website wont be ready soon, I will pot few topics here. It is rare happing for me to have my mobile in my pocket these days as this pandemic covid19 getting wild. However, the other day when I was doing other stuff it happen to having my mobile handy and I take this pics and I believe this neglected area of rx8's. As far I know per 2006 have different sound isolation in gearbox tunnel and even the cup holders gets better heat isolation later. The 8's have 3 gaiters, most superficial one is mostly a cometic boot, middle one is real deal gaiter which is bolted an
  13. SSV might be faulty, normally the solenoid goes bad and wont open vacuums line. the EU models, per 2006 dosen't have the ssv feedback switch so, they wont show fault on ecu. However, I had personal experience with faulty ssv on several rx8's which all rev fine to 9000! the symptom was sluggish acceleration. Put car in limp mode by unplug MAF sensor while car is running, and let it run without it. If become happier and rev fine then there something wrong with MAF. Unplug every other second coils (trailer/ top) sand see if any thing change ? There so many useful shortcut but
  14. Interesting! http://www.ehdex.com/Floatless_Coolant_Sensor.html " 2003-2011 Mazda RX-8 Floatless Coolant Level Sensor Kit Having the coolant low level warning light illuminated is a common problem on the RX-8. The coolant level sensor float in the coolant reservoir tank is deteriorated and absorbs coolant. The float gets heavy, and sinks, causing the the coolant low level warning light to come on. The solution is to get the coolant reservoir tank replace, as the sensor is built-in to the tank. However, the problem may come back sooner than expected.
  15. Oh thats seems be complex problem. do you know how to log with Torque ? Or could read MAf g/s in idle and long short fuel trims
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