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  1. Sorry I dont have email updates when people post on the forums. to update since last time I invested in a nice big workshed to keep the car dry and secure. I'v ebeen stripping the car down and buying parts as I find them like new rubbers, light lenses, badges, interior parts etc. Car was complete when i bought it which helped but I want the car to be a quality restomod build. I've also sourced a Series 5 turbo 5 speed gearbox and Series 8 13BT engine in Ireland to drop in as a single turbo setup so that has really set the tone for the build and what I want to get out of the c
  2. Pics from when I bought it...will post more as it progresses.
  3. thanks Spirit R and JP! Definately keen to meet up on Sundays for coffee & cars. I am Dublin based. Car is resto/mod project so will be off the road for a while till its ready to go. Although its running and drives, needs rust repair work as priority (33 years old) and suspension/brakes need attention for any hope of passing an NCT.. However the general plan is strip it down now for full body and interior restoration & FC 13bt turbo engine swap. Pics as requested. file:///C:/Users/trist/OneDrive%20-%20marcton.com/Tristan/Mazda%20Rx7/Photos/Importing/IMG_4849.JPG
  4. Hi, Tristan here, originally from Sydney Australia, was into rotaries when i was younger and now I'm a married Dad living in Ireland! Growing up in Sydney I was fortunate enough to own a Series 3 RX7 and also an original RX3 Coupe. I recently imported a stock standard 1985 FB Series 3 rx7 from Wales as a new toy. Don't know how but I got back into rotaries recently but I just had to own one again. It's a resto/mod project so looking currently for any parts for sale in Ireland?? Met Anthony at Shadow Rotary already and he told me about the rotary scene in Ireland.
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