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  1. https://touch.adverts.ie/car/mazda/rx8/2005-mazda-rx8/16446294 Be sorry to see it go. Can't keep petrol in her
  2. Busy morning today Finally got round to putting in the D585s ,leads and new plugs. Also Done the normal service stuff , diff , gearbox , filters ect. Amazing the difference coils made to the low idle different car nearly
  3. Hey guys looking for bit of advice. The driver's side floor is soaking. Only after it rains and coolant level hasn't moved in the few months I've had it. It has s sun roof so thought it could be leaking from there but cleans alled the holes with compressor and the issue still persists. Any common spots to have a look at? Car is generally parked on a slant so could be rolling up to the front from the rear? Not sure though as it's only the driver's side that's wet?
  4. Spotted a blue 08 D rx8 on the way home @620 give or take. Was great Craic 2 rx8s ,2nd gear runs side by side braping away. Then waiting for the traffic to move on for another.
  5. http://m.ebay.ie/itm/TEIN-STREET-BASIS-Z-COILOVER-KIT-SHOCK-SPRING-MAZDA-RX-8-SE3P-WANKEL-1-3-/142068340636?hash=item2113eed79c%3Ag%3Ah4kAAOSwA3tXodK2&_trkparms=pageci%3A09725411-6fc4-11e7-9d74-74dbd180db46%7Cparentrq%3A7047d4de15d0ab156ab89529fffdc29e%7Ciid%3A3 Anybody using these?
  6. Got her yesterday bit earlier than expected.Obligatory pic added. On side note what's with the upload limit?
  7. Yeah the plan was to have it ready for mazdafest but seller is getting the sills done for me and it's the body work guy that's holding things up.But I think I will head up to mazdafest regardless
  8. Thought I'd do an update. Got a 05 231 silver. Won't be ready for another week or so tho : (
  9. Welcome , also new here , but has been a great source of information : )
  10. Thanks , based in wicklow : ) thanks I will do , lots of good info on here though which is helpful
  11. Hey , just joined toady , currently in the process of hunting down an rx8 , Cant wait to get started with these : )
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