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  1. Welcome Rickey! Make sure to check out the Facebook page ot is alot more active. Plenty of great info on this though.
  2. Nice! need pics of the the track car when (and if) you complete. That's a lot of rotarys in one family. the most I managed is one and the guts of an rx7 engine used as a door stop !
  3. He's A mechanic living in Gorey. I think he said he was from Poland. Haven't seen it around in a good 6 months though so maybe he sold it on.......
  4. Most of the ads listed are only supplying two coilovers/springs (just so your aware). I bought the street basis springs X 4 just to lower the car with no issues, I didnt bother with the shocks.
  5. Anyone for photo opportunities somewhere between Bangor and the track beforehand or today (Sat)?. Great day for a coastal drive with the weather.
  6. Hey Rex, cheers for that as I wasn't holding out much hope ! PM me your phone no. or details of how to forward the money. Cheers again
  7. Cool cheers man. If you get the chance to PM me a PayPal link (I'm not on FB ) I can forward on moneys : )
  8. Hey John, Can you throw me onto the list (static obviously at this stage!). I'm going to make a long weekend out of it and come up with the heavily pregnant missis. If a spot comes up for the track due to a drop out (i'd say there's a waiting list at this stage), I will take it if thats ok?
  9. Or if your heading to the North on Sunday the 9th you can collect them at the meet.
  10. I have four good coils if you bothered driving to Gorey you can have them for free (I just upgraded to the rotary rev's ones )
  11. Mine failed the second time around, having had the CAT first test and without the second . But challenged it to the supervisor and all was sorted within the hour.
  12. Hey all, took a spin out to Eddie and he sorted me out. Turns out two coils were gone, (the middle two) which is why it continued to start and run somewhat normally. Eddie was good enough to lend me two second hand coils until I could order four new ones in, so happy days. I'm back up to 430 km to a tank (driving it the way it should be!) And to the black Mx5 driver (super low) following me from Maxol in Gorey out the Arklow road a week ago, me poor car was on two coils sweet mx5 by the way, bet you have no problem with car parking barriers
  13. I'm about 10 min from Eddie in Gorey but the man is trying to retire and I don't want to be hassling him! Aido, I'm really hoping its one of the first 3 listed. God forbid its the fourth as there's only 51k on it. Going to have a look at what I can but the weather aint helping at the min! (you must have done some free wheeling to reach 500km!!) Porting will be the only option if it is but the credit union will laugh at me if I go near them : (
  14. Hi all, I fill the tank every so often and out of curiosity record the km achieved! Its a rough calculation (I just add 60km onto the racked up milage(km) as soon as the yellow light comes on.) Driving very carefully I can achieve 440 and driving the way rotary's should be I get around the 400km mark. Yesterday the light came on though and looking down to my horror was 260km, which would give me 320km using my rough estimation method! In the last two weeks iv noticed the car turns over more than usual when starting, even when cold and in low revs (beteween 1k and 3.5k revs
  15. Age: 29 NCB >8yr Points 0 Company 123.ie (RSA) Excess 300 Cover type: Fully comp, additional named drivers. Finally under the E400!, E380 to be exact On the 123 website there is considerable difference in quotes if you pick RX8 in the drop down menu instead of RX-8 My renewal from 123 did come in at 640 euro, an increase on last year.
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