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  1. Rx8 parts

    Sorry @salvy meant the ignition coils.
  2. Rx8 parts

    Mileage and price of the coils?
  3. Fuel problem with rx.8

    Following this, as I was about to open a post regarding millage. What was the issue @Gizmo only cat blocked?
  4. How much do you pay for RX-8 insurance?

    1900 fully comp with bonus protection. Next year they will ask for some non-vital organs.
  5. What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    Two days ago I removed airbox side walls and permanently open VFAD @Rex Ruthor style and took it for a spin. The 8 is my daily and I notice it takes a bit longer to warm up but also a bit more responsive on the lower rev range, specially easier to control throttle from stoped position. Haven't found any idle problems so far.
  6. Rotor Newbie

    Welcome! Enjoy it dude!
  7. Aux and USB MP3 input

    Did this work on the 10.01 firmaware? Looking to get one myself
  8. What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    Hi guys! 2 days ago I upgraded battery into a Varta Blue E23, gave her a wash and wax cleaned interior, polished and clean exhaust tips, changed puddle and interior lights into LED's. Literally I expended more time with her than my gf . As the new Mazda 6 ad says, life is too short to drive a car you don't love!
  9. Newby

    I wish! I'm away working unfortunately. Maybe next time! Thanks for the invite tho!
  10. Newby

    Hi again rotary heads! I got my RX8 a month ago now, got her serviced and look after by shadow rotary guys (big shout out to their amazing work and super friendly team), got the cat kicked out and gave her a good clean up. Now she is happy and I am even more Thanks to all of you for your advise and help, will see you in the roads! Amm here she is!
  11. HI Aido, Thanks for the suggestion! Hi @rraf74, any chance you guys are around galway tomorrow? Cheers!
  12. Hi guys, I am looking at Colin's car this Saturday and would like to know if anybody with a compression tester/rotary knowledge be willing to come view and check the car? It's in Galway. Sounds like all it's on good shape but just to stay on the save side. Cheers.
  13. Newby

    Thanks sean! Will get in touch when you are back, sorry, and enjoy your holidays.
  14. Newby

    Thanks Rex, I tried already, the only problem is I'm in Dublin and so it's the car.
  15. Newby

    Thanks for the tips guys, will definitely follow them. One more question, anybody has a contact or knows someone able to do a compression test? Trying to get one for this Friday. I tried seanmcg but no luck. Cheers!