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  1. Aussie always have to swap turbo engines in their Rx7fb.
  2. Not sure! Looks like your exhaust system was built from Elford turbo limited. BTW very good basic for restore you have. Good luck and fun
  3. Hi Tristian, welcome in the european rotary scene. Can you post some pictures? Thomas http://rx7fb.com/viewtopic.php?t=1118
  4. HI i am the german guy with the Grey one. I read the question as guest, log in and here i am. The Wheels are watanabe rs 8 spoke. Rear 4x114,3 Offset -13 Tire 225x50x16 Front 4x114,3 Offset -6 Tire 205x55x16 I can see thread is old so not sure it is ok writing with my bad german english. Anymore questions feel free for asking. Thomas
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