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  2. Update : My previous attempt to use the OEM bracket was a failure and after putting all wiring and fitting all panels it has a marginal boost. So, I left with no other option to set a GPS booster antenna on the roof! As I didn't want to put the whole on the roof and remove the headliner and so... I took a short cut and passed wire under rain gutter from front to back, also in the gap of windshield seals. Results amazing! Finally put one of the generic "antenna shark fin dummy cover" over for a nicer look and some water protection, no need to say I opened GPS antenna and put some silic
  3. Welcome Rickey! Make sure to check out the Facebook page ot is alot more active. Plenty of great info on this though.
  4. Nice! need pics of the the track car when (and if) you complete. That's a lot of rotarys in one family. the most I managed is one and the guts of an rx7 engine used as a door stop !
  5. Hi, welcome to the forum. Not much happens here lately but I'm glad it still exists. Seems like you know all the usual things that an RX8 needs. I have mine just over a year and have a similar list of jobs that I'm getting through. I'd be interested to see more of the subframe refresh if you have any pics to share. What do you think of the Tein street basis? I got them too but haven't fitted them yet.
  6. Hello ladies and gentlemens I'm Amadeusz (Polish) A bit late introduction from myself but I thought would be nice to do it and get to know few folks around. So it's my first rx8 had a plenty of read on those bad boys, but still thought it be worth it getting one, So got my 8 around 5 months ago, it's from 2006(got some pictures of the day of buying) so she got 60k miles on her, I'm second owner of her, the previous guy had her for over 12 years always serviced at mazda on time, bit of rust as usually but no cold or hot start issues always premixed, so basically for past
  7. Hi guys, I have a 95 FD that I purchased back in the 2006/2007 period. The car is a black 1995 rx7 typeRB(special edition) don't ask about the special edition part because I'm not sure but this is marked on the door jam of car. The car is also on an Irish registration, I registered the car myself back in the day. Car is on 18inch rota gtrs which I bought new at the time (1300) When I bought the car it was UK registered but had been taken in from Japan previously. The car has been off the road since 2008 and had been in the garage up until late 2018 when garage space had to be prioritised
  8. Have you still got the floor Mats I am looking for new ones? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Cool stuff man welcome along
  10. Never lol you guys just reminded me I still have to throw these on
  11. They do last. Then again, I think we're into the survivor bias phase of things.
  12. Just short of 200k on mine and apart from a judder in the brakes she's perfect. Have a new set of discs ready to go on.
  13. Just past 180k - Covid and a work van have left the RX sitting. I have the new doorhandle got. Just need to fit it. One of the intake valves is starting to stick - probably a bad solenoid. Every now and then, the engine strangles for a thousand revs or so before it finally kicks open, with noticeable backfire. Easy fix - just annoying. Rust continues to win. Still, I've had it for well over 6 years at this stage. It's 14 years old and then some. And it's still reliable.
  14. Hello all, I'm Gordy, based in Lisburn. After having a series 1 rx7 in The late'80's, I found my way back into Rotary's a few years ago with a 192 RX-8. My daughter owns it now. I have a kuro, I rebuilt the engine 4000 miles ago street porting it when I did so, it's my daily driver. Runs on tein coilovers and team dynamics wheels. My wife has an R3, again, a daily, and my son has s very nice silver PZ. Again, daily driver. I've also an rx8 track car, which is about 80% complete. It's 50/50 at the moment if it'll get finished, or I'll pop the engine out and go do
  15. See graphic on this thread. Is it the green one you need? There was sellers on eBay from UK I thought, and anyone semi professional should have access to make up the right one. If its really urgent places like hose doctor in Dublin can build on the spot, bit ideally they need the old one brought in. This is because there is lots of similar thread sizes that look the same.
  16. Just wondering is this still for sale? Give me a buzz on 0877560955 or if you put up your email or number I'll give you a call
  17. Well lads, Just back from the garage and turns out I need a new oil line. Its not the usual suspect, its the one running across the engine bay from cooler to cooler. Any idea of places that sell these individually? Plenty of full kits or singles for the troublesome LHS one but can't find a single for this line. There's an epic rant waiting behind the why this is my day but that'll have to wait,!
  18. Hi there, check out this thread with international sellers of rotary parts etc as a good place to start: Also worth asking on the IrishRotary Facebook group as there are a good few people on there that aren't on here. Hope that helps!
  19. So I've been asked this question a few times & each time I've had to go digging through old photos to find the following info so I'm finally posting up here in case I or anyone else needs it in the future. Hope it's useful to ye! IMPORTANT NOTE: As with everything you read on the internet, please bear in mind I've gathered this info from various other sources which I can't remember/reference now in 2020 as I took this photo & did the research back in 2017, but that they seemed reputable/reliable at the time. I haven't flow-tested any of these. This info is posted in good faith th
  20. I do like a 20B. Would love to put one in my 8 at some point! Might talk to you about the possibilitys of fitting one in Sent from my IN2023 using Irish Rotary mobile app
  21. This may be a stupid question but I'm new to rotaries. I am currently planning a classic mini build with a 13b. My question is, is the 13b from the Rx8 the same as the one from the Rx7 FD, and are all the aftermarket parts the same. Im not chasing the holy 1000BHP but need to know if ill be able to port it the same and have the great supporting mods or the turbo. Thanks in advance
  22. you can remove the bottle also and use some cleaner to remove the gunk inside over night. Cant remember for the life of me what i used. but the little level yoke inside gets stuck. Give it a shake and you should hear it moving up and and down when its good again.
  23. Hi Ross Have you given richie (japancarsireland) a ring yet ? good man to gauge prices and suss it out for you.
  24. Hey Ross here. Recently sold my ps13 so I've the urge to satisfy the rotary bug. So ill be trawling the site for any info and help I can get. Atm the im watching the auction sites to see if I can import some fresh metal and get a gauge on prices etc. Looking for an early fd as I would like to try and keep my classic policy, something with stock aero as I just love the clean lines of the fd. Thanks
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